Is it like a…restaurant?”

“It looks pretty homely.”

“So, who’d you go with?”

Tingama has been serving for the past 3 months and most people are still no closer to figuring out what it is.

(If we were to be boring) Tingama is a quaint little kitchen in Banani Road 11 that hosts lunch for guests on a booking basis.

But then, it’s hard to limit this place within these boundaries once you’ve been there.

So, this is a mild attempt at defining Tingama, but we suggest you go and see for yourself someday soon.

 Tingama is…a weekend lunch at home.


We say host because these homecooked, strictly Bengali meals are prepared by a mother for the guests, and the couple personally looks over the entire affair.

You can of course, book a spot on any other day of the week too, for a group of 6 or more.

Tingama is…a blind date.


The idea is to host a weekend lunch for a group of 16 people who have separately booked spots or been invited for the day.

So, if you’re going alone, or even with a plus one, or your family of 4, you’d technically be on a blind date with at least 10 other people – knowing Dhaka, you’ll end up knowing someone who knows someone who knows the person sitting across the table, so that’s ok.

Tingama is…wholesome, mouthwatering food.


The food is as traditional as it gets – starting with refreshing lime and mango drinks to plain rice and polao, delicious meat/fish curries, achaar and their signature firni – it is Bengali homecooking at its absolute best.

Another interesting thing about Tingama is, it is basically a ‘dawat’. On weekends, you don’t get to order the dishes; the mother decides the menu for the day and will serve accordingly. (It doesn’t matter, everything is absolutely delicious!)

 Tingama is…every Pinner’s home décor dream come true.


Those nifty, too-easy-to-be-true home décor ideas on Pinterest that you’ve pinned in hopes of redecorating your place one day? These people have done it all.

P.s. We loved these painted steel glasses the most!


Run by Piplu R. Khan, from Applebox Films, and his lovely wife, Munia, Tingama was born out of their love for entertaining friends and family.  And that is exactly what they do. It is a very personal venture for the couple, so family and friends are always more welcome.

You can book a spot for the weekend lunch or an exclusive lunch/dinner gathering for any other day of the week by simply leaving them a message on their Facebook page Tingama.