We often don’t realize this, but the fictional or non fictional characters we see on the television or the big screen are actually very, very real. The ones we cry with, the ones we laugh with and even the ones we end up hating are actually very much present in blood and flesh and do exist in our life, without us noticing. These characters mainly exist in the form of those carefully picked out weirdo’s we call “friends”.

Characters like these exist to spice up our life and here are the top must have characters we all have befriended at some point in our life.

(Big Bang Theory)
Yes, we all have that “I am the smartest and everything you say is stupid” friend whose life’s purpose is to minimize your achievements and pull you back to the ground. However frustrating these friends might be and how angry they might make you in certain situations, there is need for a Sheldon in everyone’s life to constantly challenge them and make them better.

the eccentric, weird and wonderfully strange friends who defies all logic and reason and makes all of life’s problems seems small and unnecessary. The Phoebes in your life will make you much more open to the magic in simple things and help you escape from the boundaries of capitalism. They will give you the peculiar advice of them all and somehow the peculiar advice will help you more than the logical ones.

(Grey’s Anatomy)
The Christinas will teach you the importance of being brilliant and will constantly push you to achieve greatness. Christinas will not let you settle and will not stop nagging you to be the best you can be at anything. They will give you the tough love and the hard hitting truth without any sugar coating but will be ready to break any other mouth which might come up with harsh words for you. The Christinas will teach you to be the SUN.

One Tree Hill)
The Haleys have to be the “mom” of the group, the one with cool, composed logic and the one who seems to have a solution for every problem. Haleys are the one your mom and dad will love and trust more than you and you will use them to get permission for a lot of forbidden acts. You can always count on the Haleys to make the right decisions and always depend on them no matter what that situation is and you never need to fear for being judged.

CLICK CLICK CLICK that’s all they know. A snap here a snap there and a selfie to go. The obsession which the “Kim Kardashians” have with taking photos ALL THE time does pay off because who else will take the responsibility of documenting each and every second of the time spent together amongst friends? It may start with just a selfie but the” Kims” will end up forcing everyone for a group photo and it will end up being the cutest little souvenir.

the Britney’s of the group are the ones with the huge emotional breakdowns, usually over the slightest little occurring. During these emotional episodes, they will make it seem like the world is coming down and will demand heaps of attention. In case you fail to give them the attention, they will turn into a bigger blob of attention seeking jelly and so it is wise to deal with the mess right from scratch. Control is before it gets out of hand.

(Timon and Pumba)
The Pumbas are the HAKUNA MATATA people, the Que Sera Sera lot who do not give much thought to the future and live in the present. These are the ones with the laid back attitude about life and rarely stress about anything. When you go to them with your issues, they will first make you angry with their lack of anger or urgency about your issue and then will make you realize no problem is bigger than your ability to overcome it.

Need we say more?

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by Aurapouts