When Einstein developed his relativity theory, he saw his equations also contained something very strange. It would be able to stop time, possess infinite gravity, and possibly destroy space itself. He refused to believe it could exist in reality, there had to be some mechanism to prevent it from occurring.
But there is not. Reality is stranger than fiction. We found them.
And there are many.

Black holes.

We hear this term in conversations and references, and sometimes catch glimpses of them in movies. They always manage to amaze us, frighten us, or exhilarate us, but how much do we really know about them?

When it comes to astrophysics, only seeing is believing. We exist in a universe full of landmarks so sizes so grand, they are indescribable by human language. It is only through being shown how massive they are, that we can even begin to wrap our heads around their magnitude. For example, a black hole (namely, XTE J1650-500) that is only 60km2 big (that’s less than a quarter of Dhaka city’s area) contains mass equivalent to that of 3-4 Suns. To even comprehend such magnitude would completely defy our concept of what is possible in this world.

Whether or not you’re an astrophysics fanatic, I can guarantee that you will not get through watching this video about black holes and their features without getting completely blown away, and maybe even questioning your perspective on the universe.

by Imaan Khasru