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Types of Guests at Bengali Weddings

Winter is coming and so are the wedding invitations. Apart from getting hyped about the kacchi biriyani and borhani (yum), we are going to have to mentally prepare ourselves for the ordeal of socializing with countless relatives/friends/parents of friends/colleagues and their families. Forever-grumpy uncles getting down and dirty on the Gaaye Holud dancefloo[...]

Destination Weddings: The Start of a Journey (Part I)

  Winter is coming, and with it - the wedding festivities. Gone are the days of the good-old holud-wedding-reception formula. Everybody's out to make their special day a little extra special by bringing in some unique ideas. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, synchronized dancing, the palkis and the movie-inspired rituals have all been done. What's [...]