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Storytelling & Wrestling: Why a Fake Sport Feels So Real

It’s no secret that professional wrestling is 'fake'. The action is staged and there's no real competition. Many people scoff at but the issue lies here. Nobody who is a hardened fan of wrestling will ever tell you that the action is 'real'. It's a TV Show just as much as Breaking Bad. The reason we watch wrestling is because this is the only 'fake' act that[...]

Taal Goal 2016: Breaking Social Barriers through Football

On the morning of December 9, excited groups of children began pouring into the Handball ground at the Bangabandhu National Stadium for TaalGoal 2016. Having grown up underdeveloped communities of Dhaka, most of these kids have lived in urban poverty from early childhood. 144 kids from Kamrangir Char, Rayer Bazar, Uttara-Kamarpara, Dakhinkhan, Notun Bazar, [...]

BPL: 4th Time's the Charm!

The T20 cricket craze is back in action this month with the return of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). This is going to be the 4th installment of the tournament, and there are quite a few things that we’re excited about. Welcome Rajshahi Kings and Khulna Titans! This year we get to enjoy the brilliant gameplays of two more teams – Rajshahi King[...]