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First Flower Blooms in Space

There is life out there in space, and it is beautiful. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly reveled in his achievement of growing the first flower in space. The star of the show is a young zinnia blossom that bloomed early this year. Though plants have been reputed to grow in spacecraft and space stations before, the zinnia is the first-ever record of a flower bein[...]

Planet that Bends Space and Time

For the first time in history, scientists have discovered a planet with two Suns, using a never-before-used technique. Gravitational microlensing occurs when planets are so massive that they bend time and space around it. Using this phenomenon, a rare undiscovered planet has fallen into our line of vision. The planet in question is OGLE-2007-BLG-349Lc, i[...]

The Giants We Don't See

When Einstein developed his relativity theory, he saw his equations also contained something very strange. It would be able to stop time, possess infinite gravity, and possibly destroy space itself. He refused to believe it could exist in reality, there had to be some mechanism to prevent it from occurring. But there is not. Reality is stranger than fiction[...]