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What is Tingama?

“Is it like a…restaurant?” “It looks pretty homely.” “So, who’d you go with?” Tingama has been serving for the past 3 months and most people are still no closer to figuring out what it is. (If we were to be boring) Tingama is a quaint little kitchen in Banani Road 11 that hosts lunch for guests on a booking basis. But then, it’s hard to limit [...]

Best Burgers in Town for Under Tk.200

What a morning! You've had little to no food because you were getting late to class/work. Now you're hungry and exhausted. You check your pockets to find some change and two dirty hundred-taka bills. Must you cast away thoughts of those scrumptious burgers that popped up on your news feed? Don'g give up just yet! We've got a list of places that offer burgers[...]