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10 Himu Moments That Will Make You Smile

Yellow panjabi, barefoot, a dash of wit and a whole lot of walking around - Himu is one of the unforgettable creations of legendary Bengali novelist Humayun Ahmed. Here are 10 Himu moments that are bound to make you smile. Vote for the ones you love and comment your favorite moments that haven't been included in the list.

4 Underrated Novels That Give You Unique Insights into South Asian Culture

Masala and tea. Gaudy weddings, loud politicians, psychedelic rickshaws and cricket. What defines South Asian culture? Or more fundamentally, what is South Asia? Seeing as the entire region floats smugly above the equator, something must have really gone south for it to earn that name. Here are four underrated novels that can help you uncover facets of this [...]