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Fascinating Interpretations of Songs You Thought You Knew

You tapped your feet, hummed along gently and at times swung your hips to those songs you thought you knew all along. But they've always had more to them than met the eye. Are these simply crazy fan theories? Or did the songwriters really think it all through? Here are 5 fascinating interpretations about songs you thought you knew all along. There's a Light[...]

What Killed Dhaka's Band Culture?

If you went back in time, from the early 2000's to around 2010, something you are sure to notice about the young people in Dhaka is that a lot of them wanted to be in or had a band. Many teenagers, boys especially, formed bands with their friends and every other teenager had a guitar. Over in 2017, it's not like the culture has vanished but it’s obvious that[...]

On Coldplay and Selling Out

The 90s were a time that was heavily dominated by alternative music. Grunge  had run rampant with the success of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. But now bands were going for more experimental sounds, and alternative music slowly became the mainstream in the world of rock n' roll. In 1996, Coldplay formed and were one of the few bands to survive the Brit[...]