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Christopher Nolan: Genius or Hack?

Guilty! Today we speak of a man who is guilty of witchcraft on the big screen and spellbinding the audience. A vandal who has broken box-office records, an arsonist who has set Hollywood ablaze with series blockbusters and the rogue who has redefined the standards for superhero movies which may never be bested. This criminal mastermind with his ingenuity has[...]

4 Underrated Movies with Amazing Plot Twists

So when watching a movie, often we're left with a deep desire for something fresh, something to keep us on our feet. Generic high-budget action blockbuster #3456623 isn't cutting it,  and those artsy indie films aren't doing it either.So now you're looking for something in between, that'll throw you for a curveball with a major plot twist.  And here I've pic[...]