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Narratively: Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Humans

It's not hard to find stories of struggles that celebrities faced. After all, these days the internet is flooded with every minor details of the lives of stars. But at some point, reading all these stories gets exhausting. It's almost impossible to fully relate to someone's problems when they have a seven figure income. This is where Narratively makes a [...]

People Aged 0-100 Talk About Life’s Important Questions

What is your purpose in life? How do you mend a broken heart? What does home mean to you? Pretty loaded questions, eh? Do you feel like you could’ve answered these questions when life was simpler and younger? Or when you’re older and have seen more of the world? SoulPancake, a Youtube channel that makes the most amazing videos about all [...]

The Habit that Gets Things Done Without Stress

You may laugh when you find out what this habit is, because it really isn’t all that impressive a lifestyle change; but trust me, once you start implementing it into your daily life, you will definitely see the results that this habit can have on your life. When you have a busy work life, it’s easy to feel like every day is the same. You get stressed out [...]