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5 Bengali Dishes for the Keto Diet that are Proper Yummage

We’ve grown up being lectured on how fat makes us fat. Sounds pretty legit, right? Then they went and told us that not all fat makes us fat – there’s good fat and there’s bad fat. And we said, okay that sounds pretty okay too. But THEN they tell us, fats aren’t even the issue - it’s the carbs. Enter: The LCHF diet, more commonly known as the Ketogenic diet[...]

7 Days of Being 'Hangry'

When you are on the heavier side of the scales, you never stop looking for different forms of diets and exercises. What if you find that one magical diet that changes your life and knocks inches right off your waist? What if a five-minute exercise can change the way my body looks? What if I can eat more and still lose weight? What if? The possibilities are e[...]

Using Tech to Ease Pregnancy

What does every human being have in common? Answer to that is we have all spent time in our mother’s womb. Childbirth is a beautiful process where a woman carries her child in her womb, nurtures it until the child is ready to come out to the world. Pregnancy weighs down on women in various ways, specially leading to huge physical changes.  From swollen feet [...]