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The Habit that Gets Things Done Without Stress

You may laugh when you find out what this habit is, because it really isn’t all that impressive a lifestyle change; but trust me, once you start implementing it into your daily life, you will definitely see the results that this habit can have on your life. When you have a busy work life, it’s easy to feel like every day is the same. You get stressed out [...]

Desi Movie Reviews Don’t Get Better Than This!

“The family is like a multinational sanskari organization with Alok Nath as founder and CEO. It’s like they’ve acquired many families. They have more employees than most startups.”  - Cookies for guessing what this review is about. Hint: It’s not Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki. Or any Ekta Kapoor serial out there for that matter. You’ve either been living under [...]