On the morning of December 9, excited groups of children began pouring into the Handball ground at the Bangabandhu National Stadium for TaalGoal 2016. Having grown up underdeveloped communities of Dhaka, most of these kids have lived in urban poverty from early childhood.

144 kids from Kamrangir Char, Rayer Bazar, Uttara-Kamarpara, Dakhinkhan, Notun Bazar, Korail, Geneva Camp, Jatrabari, Savar and Tongi participated in this year’s TaalGoal tournament.


TaalGoal is organized by the Global Shapers, Dhaka Hub Community.an initiative of the World Economic Forum in Geneva and “a network of dynamic, entrepreneurial and socially-engaged young leaders between the ages of 20 and 30 from across the world”.

The Dhaka Hub, established in 2014, currently has 21 active Shapers.

The idea behind TaalGoal is to use sports as a building block for an inclusive society where no child is denied the basic rights to recreation and healthy living.

The TaalGoal tournament was the culmination of 5 months of weekly training held in the 7 communities, organized by the Dhaka Shapers Hub.

In a society where it is the norm for girls to take the backstage, 4 teams from Savar, Tongi, Rayer Bazar and Jatrabari participated in in the tournament, proceeding to show everyone how to kick like a girl.

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TaalGoal started off in 2015 as a fun community project with a purpose – to build an inclusive and progressive society where basic privileges like recreation and healthy living, most importantly among children, are not limited by social classes.

Along the way, the initiative has grown immensely on its own – tackling issues like gender equality and stereotyping in the process.  It only goes to show how little steps in the right direction can go a long way in shaping who we are as a community.

by Afsana Khan