Philosopy, as a subject, can be difficult to get into. It has been around for thousands of years and has numerous schools of thought and innumerable doctrines. For someone looking to get started with Philosophy, it is difficult to understand where they should start. Thankfully, The School of Life is a YouTube channel that has an answer.

The School of Life is a YouTube channel with nearly 300 videos. Most of the videos take different topics of philosophy, psychology or just the human condition in general and give brief fifteen minute lectures on these topics. The videos are colourful, decorated with info graphs, animations and a very accessible method of explanation. Of course, most of the videos are at an introductory level. You can’t expect fifteen minute videos to cover topics like “Existential Crises” in depth.

One series of videos from this channel that I personally enjoyed very much was their series on philosophers, where they briefly explain the work and thought of some of the world’s most famous philosophers. Their video on Albert Camus is something especially worth looking into.

The School of Life is a great tool for anyone looking to learn something about philosophy. It’s certainly worth checking out for someone with a bit of a nerdy side.

Rayaan Chowdhury