Among the most visually delicious animated movies this year was the BFG, which took us all back to our old Roald Dahl binge-reading days – sleepless nights spent lost in Dahl’s enchanting worlds of dreams and giant peaches and chocolate factories.

Roald Dahl’s storytelling however, is considered iconic, not only for the stories themselves, but for his inventive and playful use of language – for his ability to invent an entirely new language that is inherently comprehensible to even the youngest of readers without prior explanations.

Roald Dahl named this language the Gobblefunk – a language that now has its own Oxford Dictionary!

From the 8000 real and invented words included in the dictionary, we picked 10 simply swashboggling words we loved!

Bogglebox – A school for boys


Delumptious – Delicious + sumptuous


Phizz-Whizzing – Brilliant


Time-twiddler – someone/something that is immortal


Zozimus – What dreams are made of


Catasterous – Catastrophic + disastrous


Scrumdiddlyumptious – scrumptious + delicious


Gogglers – Eyes


Lixivate – Being liquefied and squashed at the same time


Swigpill – Disgusting food


The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary has been compiled by lexicographer Dr. Susan Rennie and features illustrations from Dahl’s long-term collaborator Sir Quentin Blake. The compilation took a total of 5 years, with the book being published on the 2nd of June, 2016, marking Dahl’s 100th anniversary of birth.

by Afsana Khan