Tired of seeing things-to-do-in-Dhaka lists that can’t seem to see past go-karting in Fantasy Kingdom and bowling?

Same here. So this one’s for people who’ve grown up in Dhaka (or lived here long enough to have grown tired of eating out when bored) – we’ve compiled some pretty cool stuff you’ll definitely want to try.

Disclaimer: The following are a highly disjointed set of activities that are also progressively high-involvement. 

1. Visit the Rickshaw-painting district of Bongshal

The area of Bongshal near Puran Dhaka is home to the city’s community of rickshaw artists – an amazingly colorful environment and a very warm bunch of people.

Take a walk around the area for a glimpse into the world of Bangladeshi folk art. The artists are more than eager to show you around their workshops. These rickshaw-artists now paint mostly for exhibitions, often travelling abroad to display their art as nowadays local rickshaws opt for lower priced digitally printed pictures.

Also, if you’re lucky you might end up coming across one of these rad paintings in the area!

Photo courtesy: rickshaw-paint.net | Order a copy of this masterpiece here

2. Try your hand at pottery – The Clay Station Dhaka

Always wanted to try your hand at the potter’s wheel? Clay Station Dhaka is a walk-in activity center that lets you fool around with clay – whether it’s just for fun or you want to take classes.

The simple drop-in format is extremely convenient when you’re looking to pass some time during the weekend, doing something fun for a change.

Address: House 28, Road 20, Block K, Banani or Google map link here!

3. Take up Fire Spinning – Naur

These people have been around for quite some time and take in new recruits every now and then. Fire-spinning is arguably one of the coolest things you could be learning in this city, provided you’re willing to put in some effort.

Naur offers weekly classes to new recruits, that you have to enrol for once they’ve sent you an invitation. The course will cost you around 6000 BDT – a one time payment that grants you entrance into the community for good. Pretty worth it I’d say. Unless of course…

by Afsana Khan

Featured image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons