The ideal description of a vacation, to those who work really hard all year, have to be “the two minutes of escape from prison”. No matter what type of job you have and whatever type of life you are leading, a certain type of routine sets in and more often than not, it gets pretty darned boring. “Monotonous” would be a better word to describe this pattern everyone gets so comfortable with and that is when the acute need for a vacation kicks in.

For the ones who hate being cooped up for too long and love travelling, a good long vacation is a little piece of heaven. The change of environment, the change of cuisine, the lack of stress and responsibilities- even reading about a vacation feels good. What a holiday allows a person to do is give them the freedom to not be themselves for a while. When you are on vacation, maybe in a strange land or maybe somewhere familiar, you are not someone’s brother or daughter or friend- you are only you.

Easing into the vacation mode is the activity that requires the least effort as the level of excitement and enthusiasm is HIGH. Just picturing the holiday spots and all the fun activities that are in store for you is enough to catapult a person into the change of not sleeping on one’s own bed. However, the much harder challenge is coming back to the life of regulations and authority and this is where those post holiday blues kick in.

How do you deal with not having the late nights and the late mornings? Not having to work or struggle? Not having to have alarms or any schedule whatsoever? Not having to go back to your same old job everyday and working late nights? There are NO full proof ways but a man can always try –

1. Waking up early – On vacation you are the king/queen and the world starts when you do.  Getting back to “the alarm life” is probably the hardest part about not being on a vacation. The best way to deal with this is to, well just accept it and go to bed early so at least in the morning you are not cranky.

2. The food – One of the best part about being on vacation is that every meal turns out to be a surprise and the experiments that can lead you to taste some incredible cuisines. To avoid having major food nostalgia, pick your favorite dish you discovered while on vacation and find a place to have it on your first weekend back home. Food equals happiness.

3. The nightlife – While on vacation, every night is a Thursday night and every night has to be epic. Late nights mean parties or star gazing or even driving up to a beautiful destination while back home it means deadlines and overtimes. When missing the nightlife, try to make your late nights a little bit brighter by adding a touch of music or having friends over for company. You can even keep delicious late night snacks around and quintessentially practice “eating your feelings”

4. The “It’s all over” feeling – The worst part about coming back home is probably the “I wish I could go back” feeling that creeps up every now and then. Sometimes the need of shifting into the alternate reality of going back to the vacation is too much to handle. During these really helpless moments, go through the photos and the videos clicked during the trip and relive them as memories. It will give you a sense of satisfaction and will distract you by reminding you of the euphoric moments spent.

5. Regrets about the undone – Plans do not always fall through and many times the end of the vacation also brings in some regrets about certain things which weren’t done. It could be the missed visit to that one island or the surfing on the beach which you missed because of rain. There is no closure for this but what you might find effective is shopping for items that speak to you. It could be a memento, it could be bags, and it could be shoes or whatever you prefer. Taking these objects helps you get over the separation anxiety from your holiday because you are bringing a part of it back into your life.

If your vacation blues or too strong that it reaches an unbearable level, maybe you should be asking yourself why the life you lead makes you LUST after a vacation.

by Aurapouts