Looking for a getaway this Spring? What better place to visit than the green shrubbery, tea estates and the mountains of Sylhet?

I know you will tell me that you’ve been to Sylhet already – but this isn’t Sylhet! The serenely scenic Sreemangal is a whole different experience altogether.

Sreemangal, the land of evergreen bushes, tea gardens and curvy mountain roads. Most of us visit the place for the tea manors or the famous ‘Seven Coloured Tea.’ But let me tell you dear traveler, you have seen nothing of this place yet!

Sreemangal is home to many luxury resorts already. But if you’re looking for an affordable option that’s tasteful at the same time, taking you way from the rush of corporate guests and noisy tourists, you can consider a much quieter alternative:

Novem Eco Resort


This Eco Resort is an entire piece of heaven if you are looking for some quiet one-on-one time with nature. The entire interior and aroma of the resort is so magnificent that it will seem like you have stepped into an artistic splendor created out of nature. Unlike most resorts which lose their charm once you have roamed around a bit, Novem is a place where you can spend the entire day roaming and not grow tired.


The whole resort is surrounded by small to large ‘tillas’ which you can climb in your leisure and if you are a pool freak like me, you can spend the entire day basking in the sun while soaking in the cool waters. No time limits and no extra charges!


The cottages are exquisite and the cuisine is scrumptious. You can take a closer look at the rooms and rates here.

So, I recommend that you grab your backpack and visit it the first chance you get! I definitely am going to do so, again!


by Shejuti Pasha