With the rate at which new viral content appears on YouTube, it becomes difficult to filter through the barrage of superficial entertainment to find things that actually make you think. After all, most of YouTube these days is full of twerking. Which is why channels like Nerdwriter1 need more appreciation.

Nerdwriter1 is not about anything in particular. It’s about everything as any look at the titles of the videos will tell you. Yet it’s incredibly deep at the same time. The basic concept of this channel is to take a social, literary or philosophical phenomenon and explore it in depth.

For example, the video on World Building and Fantasy Worlds explains why people have adored fantasy literature over the course of history and why there’s a resurgence in the popularity in fantasy in light of the Game of Thrones revolution.

All of the videos on NerdWriter1 have one thing in common; they make you think.

by Rayaan Ibtesham Chowdhury