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It’s not hard to find stories of struggles that celebrities faced. After all, these days the internet is flooded with every minor details of the lives of stars. But at some point, reading all these stories gets exhausting. It’s almost impossible to fully relate to someone’s problems when they have a seven figure income. This is where Narratively makes a difference. is a website that covers the stories of everyday individuals, often told in a first person perspective. They do not house stories about famous people. Almost every post you will read here is by an unknown about an unknown. It’s about everyday people like you and me.

The stories range from stories by victims of school yard bullying to people who have suffered sexual abuse. Almost the entire spectrum of human experiences is covered here and every story is written with a very personal approach.

While other ‘blogging’ platforms have gone onto become far more commercialized and click-bait oriented in recent years, Narratively focuses far more on content so you will not lose your way here. The website is neatly categorized, making it very easy to find the sort of stories you want. Even if you haven’t gone through these experiences, it is still enlightening to read about the different things that different people go through.

This a website full of human stories and worth a visit for anyone.

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by Rayaan Ibtesham Chowdhury