“The family is like a multinational sanskari organization with Alok Nath as founder and CEO. It’s like they’ve acquired many families. They have more employees than most startups.”  – Cookies for guessing what this review is about.

Hint: It’s not Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki. Or any Ekta Kapoor serial out there for that matter.

You’ve either been living under a rock, or have a newsfeed that’s miserably devoid of  some delicious Bollywood humor if you still haven’t heard of the Pretentious Movie Reviewers – two IT guys who have taken the desi-internet by storm with their hilariously accurate takes on popular Bollywood movies, starting from classics like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to lesser known ones like Prem Aggan – one movie that has probably been watched by more people AFTER their review than when it came out.

prem aggan

Do watch this if you aren’t a fan already before you proceed. 100% conversion guaranteed.

Kanan Gill (yes, the pretty one) and Biswa Kalyan Rath, the two YouTubers behind these absolute masterpieces, started the Pretentious Movie Reviews series back in early 2014 and had acquired a massive fan following in less than 6 months. With Kanan Gill’s pretty face inherent charms and Kalyan’s effortless humour, the duo have managed to strip down Bollywood movies like never before, and very classily at that if I might add.

The reviews, besides being hysterically funny, also point out cultural and social elements that were accepted as normal back then which now seem disturbingly inappropriate.

Like this cringe worthy homophobic joke (?) that present day social activists would throw a phenomenal tantrum over –

So much violence tsk tsk.

Regardless of the fact that this dynamic duo has absolutely demolished quite a few favorites we grew up watching, you really can’t hate people who introduced you to the ‘Haseen Dard’.

Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath were both IT engineers by day in Bengaluru and stand-up comedians by night when they started off. With the massive feedback they’ve received through their videos, they’ve left their careers in IT and are currently working full time on their videos and live shows.

by Afsana Khan