fvdvdThanks to popular cons like the Dhaka Comicon, Unmad-JCC Comic Con, and more, which provided the platform for Cosplaying in the first place, lately it has become one of the trending topics of pop culture here! Who doesn’t want the chance to dress up as their favorite characters and show off their crafting and make-up skills! Let this article be a basic guide to the start of your cosplay journey.

The beginning – pick your character!

Almost everyone wants to cosplay their favourite characters, but again, almost everyone is either intimidated by or too lazy to sign up for all the work involved. But here’s the thing, don’t look at it as a chore. It’s actually A LOT OF FUN.

Firstly, you need to choose your character, and be fixed on that! Your work process will depend on what you want your character to look like. It’s okay if you’ve set your mind on a seemingly complex character, as long as you love it, it’ll be alright!

cscsYour Costume

Picking the right costume materials is very important. List out what you need to make, how to make them and what to use to make them. Planning out is one of the most important parts. The popular local shops most cosplayers go to are New Market( for props and armor), Gawsia (fabrics and wigs), Bongo Bazaar (props, armor and fabrics), Bashundhara City (Contact lenses) and stadium Market (Lights).

Apart from those, there are always some materials which are not available in Bangladesh, but can be ordered online. 3 Otaku Store, an online shop on Facebook, is very popular among cosplayers here selling wigs, costumes and other accessories. If you are not interested in working for your costume, then you can order your entire attire from various online sites like Ebay, Amazon and Aliexpress.

You can also buy your costume from other cosplayers if they are willing to make it for you. And if your costume is based on fabric, you can go to any local tailor to get your dress stitched for you. Also, you can find many cosplayers selling props, costumes and wigs at Bangladesh’s official cosplay page “BD Cosplayers”.

The making process

Give your cosplay a good amount of thought. If you mess up with everything, don’t worry, WE ALL MESS UP! Making costumes for the first time are a sort of trial-error thing.

scscsIf you get stuck on something, like crafting sewing, GOOGLE IT, there are thousands of tutorials for everything! And YouTube is the best to learn more about it. There is a Bangladeshi Facebook group called “BD Cosplay Artists”, and most cosplayers go there to ask for advice, or share their work.
Set deadlines. It’s safest to start 3 months before the con, but we all end up procrastinating. Keep at least a week for your cosplay If you have to. The journey will totally be worth it once you can see your finished product!

And you’re done!

It’s finally time to go to the convention. Choosing your con is very important, and I would suggest going to the popular ones, that have no negative incidents revolving around them. Put on your costume, strike a pose, meet other amazing cosplayers and have fun!

by Shazmeen Haq