Buzzfeed’s top-down recipe videos from Tasty are perfect examples of how even the simplest tweaks in presentation of otherwise traditional content can kick-start massive digital marketing trends.

Banglar Rannaghor is Facebook page that produces these top-down recipe videos for traditional Bengali food.

The videos cover a wide range of mouthwatering local delicacies,

From basics like “Alu Bhorta”

and “Daal”

To more indulgent ones like “Prawn Malai Curry”

And Chicken Korma…

Banglar Rannaghor has uploaded over 50 videos till date, covering all sorts of Bengali dishes – sweet and savory alike, a brilliant attempt at simplifying age-old recipes for a generation that does not have multiple copies of ‘Ranna Khaddo Pushti’ stashed away on their kitchen shelves anymore.

So simply head on to their Youtube channel or their Facebook Page the next time you decide to cook something ‘deshi’.

by Rushnan Aritree