When you are on the heavier side of the scales, you never stop looking for different forms of diets and exercises. What if you find that one magical diet that changes your life and knocks inches right off your waist? What if a five-minute exercise can change the way my body looks? What if I can eat more and still lose weight? What if? The possibilities are endless!

Few days back I came across a diet routine which guaranteed to make me lose 5 pounds in just 7 days. I decided to take up the challenge, hoping to lose those 5 pounds. I also decided to keep a journal recording my seven days of struggle and how I managed to overcome them. These emotions are universal and everyone will be able to relate to the constant state of being HANGRY- hungry and angry!

Why would someone invent something which mostly tastes and looks like a big pile of vomit and call it “FOOD”.


MY day started with one bowl of oats. I hate oats. Why would someone invent something which mostly tastes and looks like a big pile of vomit and call it “FOOD”. No matter what you pair oats with, oats will remain oats.

Running your daily errands get so much worse with only oats in your tummy. The amount of times I snapped at innocent individuals is insane. By lunch time I was ready to eat anything and everything in sight. According to my diet I was supposed to have half a plate of vegetables and two pieces of boiled chicken. My growling tummy groaned but that’s okay – let’s do it for a better body.

Dinner is not even worth mentioning. All I can say is that the cup of steaming green tea felt like the cherry on top of my cake of a diet. By cherry I mean nothing and by cake I also mean nothing.

First day down feels good. The diet demands that I drink at least five cups of green tea every day. Green tea with lemon is good, at least has more taste than the bland food I have been eating. The biggest challenge today was not throwing up my hands in the air and eating that piece of chocolate that has been poking its head out of the fridge. Around lunch I was overpowered with the urge of munching on that Kitkat bar but NO. Stopped myself. All that hard work cannot be wasted.

Waited it out. Had the prescribed dinner of veggies and steamed fish. Felt like I was swallowing rubber.

But SUCCESS. Day two ends without me cheating on my diet and I think this relationship is going to work.

Who needs a fit body? Why do I need to have a flat waist? A little bit of flesh never hurt anybody. Around lunchtime I was fixating on all the positives about myself. Was very close to giving up on my diet. However, I decided to curb my cravings by sipping on my green tea and it kind of worked. I thought to myself, in four days this will be worth it. Once I had ignored my cravings, I suddenly felt so much more motivated and powerful! I felt empowered and decided to shift to stairs instead of using the lift at my house. Just to boost myself up, why not? I decided to not only rely on the diet but to incorporate some sort of physical activity into my daily routine. MOTIVATED!

green tea

I realized I am bigger than my cravings

Something strange seems to happen to my body, I think the healthy diet has given me more energy and I feel lightweight. I feel like walking more and getting up on my feet more. I feel like being more active. The lazy tint to my lifestyle seems to have left me. Oats don’t look so bad when I feel my jeans fitting me a bit better. I realize I usually get “hangry” around the time after lunch and before dinner. With every problem there is a solution so I decided to avoid the unhealthy snacking and stick to my green tea. I realized I am bigger than my cravings.

Just two more days.

Day five and day six were pretty much the same. Fewer cravings and picking up healthy habits. I did something I haven’t done in years, which is walking to a shop I usually take a rickshaw to. I felt like covering the short distance walking and not only did I feel better about getting some exercise in, I also save a TON of time on the traffic. It was not all easy though, I did get very close to cheating on my beloved diet by taking a sip of cola but then I remembered one can of cola equals like 10 spoons of sugar. With that realization I also discovered I had lived without fizzy drinks for 6 days and that is when I made the decision of cutting this beverage out of my diet once and for all.

JUDGEMENT DAY. My weighing machine has been staring me in the face all day, taunting me and mocking me. I am supposed to weigh 5 pounds less. I have done everything and even gone an extra mile of getting some exercise in. I have done everything right and it is indeed time for the results.

With shaky legs and the kind of nervous excitement I got up on the scale… OH MY GOD! I did not lose 5 pounds – I lost 6!

My happiness knew no bounds! So the subtle changes I made in my lifestyle actually worked and actually helped me be fitter. I felt more motivated than ever and for the first time I felt like I COULD LOSE WEIGHT, and do it easily!

So I survived my seven days of being HANGRY without striking anybody and managed to lose not only 5 but 6 pounds. I realized all that is needed to make achieve your goal is dedication. Work for it and earn it!

by Aurapouts