In every team game you get distinct roles. In football you have the strikers, midfielders and defenders. In cricket you’ve got the bowlers, the batsmen and the wicketkeeper. Well, turns out, traveling has its own roles that are inevitably fulfilled when you travel in groups.

The Planners

These are the guys that take the responsibility for planning the whole trip. They take care of all the transportation and accommodation necessities required for the trip. They make necessary arrangements of accommodation, modes of transportation, tickets, etc. They are also the ones who pay up first for the hotel and transport reservations on behalf of the whole team. And in the process they are also the ones who lose most of their money in this and cannot, for the love of God, figure out where the rest of the money vanished after accumulating all the money from the other fellow travelers and coming up short.

The Crazies

These are, yes you guessed it, the crazy ones. With a huge number of bad decisions ahead of them, these individuals will do anything possible to have a trip worth remembering (or not). From shady deals to crazy ideas, they’ve got it all planned to make your trip legen – wait for it – dary. Despite all their shenanigans, without these people you actually wouldn’t have stories for your grandkids.

The Ditchers

These are the guys who are most excited about the trip in its initial stages. As the deadline closes in, however, certain doubts start popping up – but they assure you, there’s no need to cancel the trip, they’ll sort it all out. On morning of the trip, however, you get that dreaded call. These people personify bad buzz.

The Pairs

These folks just won’t go on a trip without their other significant halves. They can’t stand being so far away from each other. If for some reason one of them has a problem with going on a trip, then the other half decides not to go either. Thankfully they are able to go in most of the cases. But there’s a catch (there always is). As soon as you reach the destination, they mysteriously go off the radar. And, sadly, they do so without saying and get caught up in the most awkward situations. But hey, our job as friends is to make them as awkward as possible. Otherwise, what are friends for, right?

The Wise Ones

These people are the parent figures (or the party poopers) of the group. These are the ones who look after the whole group – especially the Crazies. They are also the ones who know what actually is happening during the trip and mostly hated during of the trip and thanked after the trip. The responsible ones are given the most important role of all – making sure everyone is on the bus that takes us to back to our normal life.

Despite all these quirks, together these people form the perfect team. The place is not what makes the trip so special. It is the people you go with. Without the planners you have no trip. Without the crazies the trip is no fun. Without the ditchers, you have no one to rant about on the trip. Without the pairs, you have no one to make fun of during the trip. And, finally, without the responsible ones you might not get back home.

by Fahin