And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been.”— Rainer Maria Rilke

Among the most inevitable things that occur at the turn of the year is New Year’s resolutions. From personal notes to public statuses, New Year vows seize all the attention.

Here are some that we are bound to make (and probably break) as New Year approaches.

Give up smoking

Though people will end up celebrating their 31st night with friends and having things that are detrimental to health, they still hold on to the dream of quitting smoking from the very next morning. Most heavy smokers last for a day or two, but nevertheless, around 15% do manage to see through their resolutions and save themselves from such a money-wasting habit.

Get fit

There are people who go for ‘just one more’ piece of cake, but end up eating the whole black forest. These people always remain self-conscious about their health and make a promise to go on dieting five times a month. As usual every year they put this wish on the top of their list and successfully drop out by the end of January.

Save money

Improving finances is a resolution that about 14% of people make every year. But splashing out on the wide range of winter offers will ensure that you nicely break this resolution by the beginning of February.

Get organized

The whole year your mum went on screaming at you for keeping your things in their right places. Now that the new year is here, here’s  a perfect opportunity to get tidy, right? Enjoy 24 hours of tidiness because by the second day of the new year, you will probably get back to your habit of keeping things lying around.

Stop procrastinating

No matter how many times you deactivate your account for exams you will still find some spare time and blame that you have nothing else to do rather than checking your notifications. Deep down you how impossible this is, because there is no comparison to having a conversation and sharing experiences with the ones you love, who are sitting in the same room as you, while you obsess over what your latest Facebook status should be.


With 2016 coming to a close, may the odds be ever in your favor (whether you’re really planning to keep your resolutions or break them)! And no matter what the outcome, don’t forget to have a Happy New Year!

by Zarrin Tasnim