We’ve grown up being lectured on how fat makes us fat. Sounds pretty legit, right?

Then they went and told us that not all fat makes us fat – there’s good fat and there’s bad fat. And we said, okay that sounds pretty okay too. But THEN they tell us, fats aren’t even the issue – it’s the carbs.

Enter: The LCHF diet, more commonly known as the Ketogenic diet. Goodbye food pyramid.

This diet is exactly what the name says it is – fat is staple, carbs are out of bounds. Proteins fall somewhere in the middle. Basically, you can eat all the meat and cheese you want, but absolutely nothing that contains carbohydrate – more specifically, sugar – in any form.

And this, is precisely where the catch is. No sugar is a very broad term and it includes a lot of our daily favorites like fruits, pasta, veggies and POTATO!

Regardless, the ketogenic diet can be quite the treat for those who manage to soldier through the first few weeks and we’ve compiled a list of 5 delicious highly non-veg dishes that you can totally binge on during this diet! These dishes are normally considered quite fattening for regular diet plans – but keto here, is quite the rebel.

Butter Chicken

…and every other guilt-inducing chicken curry from Handi’s menu!


 Kala Bhuna

Also, mezbani gosht, achari gosht – just make sure there are no potatoes in the curry.


 Tandoori/Grilled Everything!

Grilled fish and meat have always been encouraged in all sorts of diet.

At least in this case, keto is no exception.


 Paneer Masala

Cheese and heavy cream are your BFFs while on keto. So, this includes any and all paneer dishes

just look up the supporting ingredients on this Keto – Foods to Eat and Avoid List.



This does not however mean that you can go feast at Star Kabab on a daily basis

– they don’t use olive oil.

As tempting as this list sounds, the LCHF diet is not for the faint of heart. Or wallet.

It is quite expensive, and very specific about the kinds of food it allows. Not to mention, cheat days are discouraged and more trouble than they’re worth.

Regardless, unlike most other diets, the keto shows visible results in a very short time and has been proven to reverse diabetes. So, for people struggling to contain their health issues, we suggest you give this a thought!

by Afsana Khan