Let’s face it, if the accessories are right, you feel right.

What it feels like to have one’s accessories game on point.

But you know what always feels wrong?

Being stuck in traffic.

So we’ve found 3 fabulicious online stores that sell the raddest accessories that you’ll absolutely love.

1. Biskut Factory


As their Facebook cover photo says, they are not a biscuit store. These guys are all about hip mobile covers with a deshi flavour (because who isn’t tired of the same old black-silver-gold-rose gold balderdash). Their products are uniformly priced at Tk. 1,000 which seems a very reasonable price to pay for nifty little works of art.

Biskut Factory's mobile covers are uniformly priced at Tk. 1,000

A section of Biskut Factory’s collection.

Browse through their lovely collection here.

2. Hijibiji by Zakia


This store features the artistic explorations of Zakia Urmee. While a bulk of the products on display are mobile covers, Hijibiji also has a variety other things to offer – from trendy tops to hip helmets. Most of the products range from Tk. 1,000 to Tk 1,500.


A section of Hijibiji’s collection

Browse through their lovely collection here.

3. Sarala


A little offbeat venture, Sarala provides customization options for their customers for anything ranging from clothing items like sarees and punjabis to home accessories like curtains, pillow covers, etc. You can also check out ready-made hand-painted sarees, phone covers, wall paintings, mugs, vases and much more. Prices range from Tk. 350 to Tk. 4,000.


A section of Sarala’s collection.

Browse through their lovely collection here.

So. are you ready to be a cool cat?

by Chowderchai